Ambassador Program

Ambassador Roles


Talk us up! Frequently, we are contacted by potential homebuyers who want to speak with current homeowners about their Jacobs Construction experience. If you would like to participate, Jacobs Construction will send these families a contact list that includes your phone number and email. When/if you are contacted, you just need to answer their questions about your experience with us. Afterward, please call our Main Office at 706-252-8913, and leave a message including the following information: the full name of the family you spoke to, the date and time of your interview, and any notes about your conversation. In turn, we will mail you a $25 Visa gift card each time you speak with a new family.

Home Tours

Be a show-off! Many potential buyers want a look inside our homes. If you decide to show your Jacobs Construction home to a family interested in building, we will mail you a $50 Visa gift card after the walk-through has occurred. If that family decides to build with Jacobs Construction, we will mail you a $500 check when their home’s foundation is complete. Should the family wanting to build visit more than one completed home, the $500 will be split between the participating homeowners.


What’s the good word? When new families reach out to us, we always ask how they discovered Jacobs Construction. If they inform us, on initial contact, that you are the reason they contacted Jacobs Construction, and if they decide to build with us, we will mail you a $500 “Thank You” check when their home’s foundation is complete. Additionally, if you already know someone who is thinking about building a new home, please send us their name, address, phone, and email. If they do not already exist in our database, we will log you as their referral. If they choose to do business with us, we will mail you a $500 “Thank You” check when the foundation of their home is complete.


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