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The Building Process

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From the beginning, it has been our mission to make the custom home-building experience more efficient, more transparent and more accurate. So we have streamlined the process by assembling our team of experts to help with every step — from designing to building to decorating your dream home, while integrating the latest in technology to give our clients access to their entire project.

Providing a streamlined process

Our clients are equipped with a secure online portal, making it easy to track your home’s progress—at any time. That kind of accountability, coupled with expert project management and maximum buying power through our network of subcontractors and vendors, results in projects that come in on time, on budget and above expectations. If you’ve started planning your dream home, build with Jacobs.

Every great home starts with bare land. Finding the perfect lot is often times just as important as finding the perfect floor plan. Jacobs Construction can assist you with finding your dream homesite in the Duck Creek area or any of the surrounding communities of Cedar City through Castle Creek Realty.

We offer full design services, as well as a plan portfolio to fit almost anyone. Planning the home within a budget and style are important to us, and is one of the many things that makes a Jacobs Construction mountain home stand out from the crowd.

Once we have designed a home, we will work up a bid to build it. If the price is not what you want it to be, we can make design or finish material changes to help meet your budget. Once a bid proposal is accepted a contract is drawn up, and the customer will be able to finalize any financing that may be needed.

Our bids include any and all permits and fees required to build your home. This alleviates headaches our customers might face by having to apply for permits themselves. To get a permit, we have your home plans engineered by a licensed structural engineer and provide a fire mitigation plan to comply with Wildland Urban Interface codes.

This stage is when actual construction begins. The site is graded, the foundation dug out, the walls formed, and concrete poured. Underground plumbing is installed before the concrete floor is poured, and utilities are ran from the street to the home.

Framing is when the home really begins to take shape. This is the skeleton of your home, where the walls are being built and rooms start to show their potential. Stairs, decks, and the roof structure is built, but your home is not closed in yet.

This stage is just what it sounds like, it's when we are finishing the exterior of your house. Roofing material is applied over ice and water protection, doors and windows are installed, and siding is hung and finished with trim and sealer. From the outside, your house is beginning to look like a home.

Once the framing is done, rough electrical wires are ran throughout the home, rough plumbing is installed, HVAC systems are configured, and fireplaces are installed. Audio/Visual and security systems are wired at this point as well.

Now that the outside of the home is complete, the inside starts to catch up. Drywall or T&G is installed according to the floor plan and specifications.

The home really starts to look closer to done. Drywall is painted, doors are hung, hardwood and slate or tile are placed, trim-work installed, shelving installed, and all wood inside the home is finished for long lasting durability. Cabinets and countertops are also installed, fireplaces are covered with rock veneers and finished with mantels. Carpet, plumbing fixtures, lights, and appliances are installed and tested.

Gravel and any landscaping is being finished at this point, as well as any work required to bring the home and lot into compliance with the Wildland Urban Interface codes. Final inspections are conducted, and if any problems are found, they are repaired before entering the next stage. Once any repairs are made, all remaining construction materials including trash dumpsters, temporary toilets, and job site signs are removed. The home is then thoroughly cleaned and ready for the walkthrough.

Right before you move in, we will do a walkthrough with you where you can become familiarized with items in the home, including HVAC systems and appliances. We make a punch list of any unfinished items that could not be completed before move-in (these typically have to do with finish items that were completed less than a week before the walkthrough, thus giving us little time to fix them). You are encouraged to look for anything you notice that is not perfect and let us know about it during the walkthrough. We feel that is the best way to ensure your confidence in your home.

After the walkthrough is done and final payment is received, we turn over the keys, and you are able to complete the home by moving in and enjoying it for many years to come, because you are confident that your new home has been built the right way with exceptional quality and durability by Jacobs Construction.

Jacobs stands behind our quality of work and product and we follow up with our new homeowners to make sure everything is exceeding their expectations and desires. We strive to not only provide the highest-quality craftsmanship in the industry, but strong and long-lasting relationships with every project. We also provide home maintenance services that extend beyond the initial build. 

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