Realtor Referral Program

Thank you for recommending Jacobs Construction to your client. You'll start by registering your client's name and then your name, and following registration you will receive a referral fee when your client signs a contract to build a new home from Jacobs Construction during the registration period.  Once registration is completed, your job is done. No additional meetings and/or phone calls are required at all. To help assure a smooth working relationship, we will honor your referral fee claim for a period of (120) days from the date of registration.

After the foundation is complete, we will pay a referral fee of 1 percent of the total purchase price.

To receive your referral fee, please complete the following:

Register your customer through Jacobs Construction prior to their first visit.

Your referral fee claim is void if the purchasers have:

Are currently working with a Jacobs Construction representative
Are currently registered with another agent/broker.
Should the purchaser return after your registration period expires with another agent, Jacobs Construction is not liable for referral fee to the agent/broker whose registration period has expired.



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