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Building Trustworthy Relationships:

When you sell property to a client, you want to make sure they end up in the hands of a contractor that is honest and reliable. Often times they will ask you to provide a referral or recommendations based on your past experience and industry knowledge. It’s important that you refer a contractor with a proven history of success and a strong reputation amongst past clients and trade partners. That’s where Jacob Construction comes in.


Why should I refer Jacobs Construction?

Jacobs Construction is Southern Utah’s leading custom home builder. Historically, we narrowed our primary focus to mountain homes in Duck Creek, Brian Head, and other related, resort-style communities in southern Utah. Now we have decided to take that expertise of building outstanding mountain homes for clients living out of town, out of state, or even out of the country to all of southern Utah including Cedar City, St. George, Hurricane, and more.


We realized that the unique experience and systems we have developed working with our mountain clients would benefit all areas of southern Utah. We’re the perfect builder for homeowners looking to build a first or second home in Southern Utah. We’ve got three generations' worth of experience building custom homes in this area, and we’ve got the portfolio to prove it. Explore our portfolio.


Will I get anything in return?

We’re glad you asked. If the client you refer signs a contract to build a home with us, you will receive 1 percent of the initial purchase price. To help assure a smooth working relationship, this 1 percent commission will be paid out* in two separate transactions. 50% will be presented when we break ground and 50% will be presented at 4-way. Jacobs Construction will honor your referral fee claim for a period of 120 days from the date you register your client.

*agents will be paid through brokerage


That sounds great! How do I start?

You'll start by registering your client's name and then your name, using the form below. Once registration is complete, your job is done. No additional meetings and/or phone calls are required. 

To get started with the Relationship Rewards Program and to receive your referral fee, please complete the following form.

You must register your customer through Jacobs Construction prior to their first visit in order to be eligible for this program.

Your referral fee claim would be considered void if the purchasers:

Are currently working with a Jacobs Construction team member or representative.

Are currently working with another agent/broker.

Should the purchaser return after your registration period expires with another agent, Jacobs Construction is not liable for a referral fee to the agent/broker whose registration period has expired.

HAVE QUESTIONS? Feel free to contact us any time to discuss the program or any questions you may have. Contact Chester Jacobs at 435.648.3318

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